Birthday Weekend Styling

A lot of my family (including me) have birthdays in October, which is one reason why I love this month so much. Today starts my birthday week. My birthday falls directly in the middle of the week, so this past weekend is when I got to start celebrating.

I want to share two birthday celebration looks I put together for anyone who might need some inspiration! Huge shout out to my amazing friend Kayla who helped me take these pictures and was also there with me for every event this past weekend.


I paired polyester with leather for both of my looks. This first look is more on the simple side but perfect for a fiery night out on the town with friends. I really liked the accessories added to the zippers of these leather pants. This polka dot crop top has such fun sleeves. The top also paired perfectly with the suede boots I selected to wear. These shoes are studded with gold and pearls.

There are elements of circles throughout this outfit but in a way that isn’t overpowering. Instead, each piece compliments each other. Because these details do so well speaking for themselves, minimum jewelry needed to be added. The diversity of textures throughout the look also allows each piece to stand out in its own way.


My second look consisted of a polyester and spandex blended romper along with a leather jacket. This outfit is great for a fancier dinner. I chose the romper simply because it’s navy and I love every shade of blue. The train adds dramatic flow and movement. The blush color of the floral motifs on the romper were able to be pulled out so well with the jacket and shoes.

So, get out there and style October babies. I hope you have the happiest of days.

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