Becoming ORS College of the Arts Student President

Hello, all! This is different from what I usually post but, I think this is some great news pertaining to my major and college experience. This fall I am the President of my student organization!

The Oscar Ritchie Scholar Peer Mentoring Program – College of the Arts was started a year ago. The Oscar Ritchie Scholarship is given to students of color in his remembrance of being the first black professor at a predominantly white university in Ohio. We mentor incoming freshman with the scholarship who are a part of the College of the Arts to help them in maintaining their scholarship.

This year we really want to build community and get people involved.  The College of the Arts includes the Fashion School, School of Art, School of Music, and the School of Theatre and Dance. Given my interests, I can say that I’ve realized being in the College of the Arts is probably the perfect fit for me.


Being a mentor has allowed me to share my experiences as a fashion student to people who are about to go through the exact same things I went through. Even as a mentor, there is still so much I want to explore throughout the arts. That’s one of my goals for this year (besides reading more books). If you see us fundraising across campus, stop by and say hi! Since we’re still such a young organization, a lot of what’s currently going on is still in its beginning stages. Any support or sharing the word is much appreciated.

Our events are open to people of all majors. Come to celebrate diversity. Support the Arts!

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