What It’s Like Being a Fashion Student Living in NYC

As Kendrick Lamar once said; “you ain’t really wild, you a tourist.”

I found that line to be accurate in this situation because I spend a lot of my time out as an honorary New Yorker trying not to look like a tourist. For my friends and fam, I said I would post an occasional update. I’m here to give the people what they want.


One day while walking down 7th Avenue, I had a friend ask me what there is in Ohio. I just had a blank stare at first. I said we have the Browns and cringed a little bit (self explanatory), but I explained that also means Odell Beckham. I said we have the Cavs, and that meant we used to have LeBron. That was all I could think of. Obviously there are a lot of differences between home and NYC.


It’s crazy to be in the middle of so much fashion. I’m discovering more every week. When it comes to school, it feels like there’s always something I should be working on. Our professors work in the fashion industry. Like in the industry, if they decide something last minute, you just go with it and try to figure it out. Also being here, I feel like I have to be a little more on top of it. Projects in the works for classes are giving way to more experiences.

I didn’t just put myself out of my comfort zone and the routine I was used to when I moved here. I did a full on sprint out of my comfort zone like the last one hundred meters in a track race. The Macy’s here alone feels bigger than my hometown. Valuable steps for the future are in progress.


Now for some topics besides fashion. Everyone close to me has already heard plenty about my grocery shopping struggles. When I first got here, I tried ordering groceries for the first time. I accidentally ended up with 72 waffles and 6 half gallons of almond milk. I still can’t really explain how that happened. I’ve somewhat improved my grocery shopping strategies since then.

That moment when you realize you took the wrong train- I’ve been there. The subway has been one of the biggest adjustments for me. I’m slowly but surely getting better. One day last week I stood a foot away from Diana Ross’s daughter on the subway and just had to stand there and pretend like I didn’t notice.

As you can see from two short stories, even while living in the big city, I haven’t lost all of those quirky qualities that still make me Kaelynn. I’ll be back with more updates.


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