The Fashion Department

I’m sharing part of another school assignment yet again: write about your role working for our class magazine. I am working for the fashion department. Is that a surprise? Call me Kaelynn- The Fashion Editor.

As the fashion department, we are stylists. We do the research behind the clothes we’re going to use in the magazine, we pull and actually buy the clothes, dress the model on set during the photoshoots and make any adjustments or input while the photoshoot is going on.

Our photoshoot with the New York Film Academy has been our biggest project of the semester. That was a real lights, camera, action moment to me. One memory that really sticks with me from that day was when I was the only stylist to bring shoes. Yes- we only had one pair of shoes and six full body looks to shoot.

My job was to shop specifically for tops but I still bought a pair of shoes I thought would work. I thought about getting more but I had already spent so much money after buying six tops and a pair of shoes. Valuable lesson: always overbuy in situations like that, which I did, but be even extra prepared because everyone else on the team might not always come through.

While scouting out clothes to get for the magazine were some of the times I’ve been able to explore New York the most. Not always necessarily fashion related, but I would end up seeing new things all the time. Just for fun, scroll to see some NYC pictures I’ve taken.


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