7 Outfit Ideas For Staying Inside

Instead of dressing for class, we’re dressing for “Zoom University” aka online classes. Besides that, I’ve been attempting a lot of cooking, baking and binge watching shows.

If you have one outfit routine at the moment that seems like you’re just repeating everyday over and over again, this post may give you inspiration on ways you can still switch it up some.

1. T-shirt and Sweats

The best. The Classic.


2. Giant Shirt and Cotton Leggings

There’s something so comforting about being engulfed in a giant t-shirt rather than one that’s actually your size.

Big Tee | Cotton Leggings

3. The Matching Set

If you’re seeking that illusion of feeling like you’re dressing up, this might do the trick. Something about coordination really makes you feel like you’re doing something even if the reality is just you making trips to the fridge. There are so many options for how little or how much skin you might want to show.

Top 1 | Bottom 1

Top 2 | Bottom 2

4. A Comfortable Dress

When I say dress, I don’t mean the dressy kind. An example is in the pictures I chose for this post. Pick a fabric that’s not too thick and still fitting for the season. Your dress should be breathable and comfy, whatever that means for you!

5. Oversized Sweatshirt or Hoodie

Here is another chance for you to pull out those XL favorites. Throw on a pair of cotton leggings if desired.

Oversized Hoodie

6. Athletic Wear

For all the yoga lovers out there, there are so many sales you can find right now on activewear. Here’s your moment to pull out all your favorite spandex pieces.

Yoga TopLeggings 1Leggings 2

7. Cardigan and Comfy Pants

This combo is for if you want a cozy take that’s also a little more put together.

Cardigan | Wide Leg Comfy Pants

For my final tip, we are not rocking jeans in the house.

I don’t understand anyone who can.

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