The Conclusion: How I Survived Fashion School in NYC During Covid

I moved to New York City for Fashion School. I have to say one of the biggest takeaways has been exploring my independence. I’m grateful for even a glimpse into fashion week, the insights and the study tours. For me completing junior year, I’ll celebrate the end of a whirlwind semester.


Five classes and a 4.0 later? Check. 360 internship hours done in a semester? Did that. Lived in one of the biggest cities in the world during the height of a global pandemic? Done. I did indeed stay the entire semester despite the shutdown. (Yes, me of all people!)



Throughout this semester, I expanded my blogging style. I found new ways to get creative in New York apartment during quarantine. Some of my article ideas to reflect spring ’20 fashion included the following:

Prairie inspired mini dresses are in for spring. In addition, sheer fabrics and puffed sleeves are trends that can be pulled from the spring 2020 runways. Prairie dresses can be of great value because if you find a good one, you can style it in ways to get the most out of your money.

Ironically, I ruined the dress I had in this shoot trying to iron it beforehand. Not my finest moment, so I will be searching for a new one once all the stores are open again. That shopping spree is going to be vicious.

1. Wear your prairie mini dress as the plain old dress it was meant to be.


2. Tie the dress in the front and make it a top! Then, your top and bottom combinations are endless to create different outfits.

Trend Inspos

Last year, spring time meant pulling out ALL the colors. View Spring Sweets again here. This year, I’m feeling a bit more neutral with soft hints of colors that feel like spring.

One item I’ve loved window shopping during my time in New York has hands-down been shoes. For my fashion lovers who aren’t afraid to take a bit of a risk, click the links below for some alternatives to two different designer shoe options for spring.

The Gucci Heel

Sells for $850

Get onto the square toe trend.


Alternatives to the Gucci Heel:

Lulu’s Shoe | Get a similar style as low as $29!

ASOS Sandal | $48

Free People Sandal | $138

The Gucci Ballet Flat

Sells for $890

The key here is the pointed toe. Are you bold enough to take the risk?


Alternatives to the Gucci Ballet Flat:

Metal Trim Flat | $59.90

Zara Buckle Flat | $59.90

Zara Flat With Chain | $148

In my first NYC update post, I quoted the good sir Kendrick Lamar. This time for the outro, I’m going to quote the musical Hamilton: “History is happening in Manhattan and we just happen to be in the greatest city in the world!”

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