12 Months of Fashion 2.0

The first time I did 12 Months of Fashion, I chose one memorable moment for every month. But this year has felt so odd and skewed if that makes sense.

This time, I want to collectively pick 12 of my favorite moments from this year that come to mind when I think fashion.

Whether everything below made me laugh, cry or anything in between, they helped to shape my 2020 in some way.

1. When I had to condense my wardrobe to only three bags

This kicked off 2020 for me. If you know me personally, you can imagine how hard it was for me to only take this much. It hurt a little bit.

Part of moving to New York meant a very limited amount of space, so I didn’t really have a choice. When I look at this now, I just think about how we had no idea what was in store for us this semester.

2. Apartment 8C

It’s still so wild that of all the people to get stuck in one of the biggest cities in the world with 8 million+ people at the kick off of a global pandemic, it was me. The whole situation might have made me a little tougher, though.

When quarantine became the norm, this apartment is where I spent most of my time. When I look back at it now, it feels like a part of me.

3. Fifth Avenue. Period.

What can I say about the times in New York. I love it so much and I think of it as a place where I belong. At the same time when we were going on all these adventures for class, I was in constant disbelief.

Included in this would be the magic that is Bergdorf Goodmans. I remember getting lost in there multiple times in the same day. Regardless, Fifth Avenue is where you can find all of the designer brands. It’s such a dream for girls like me.

4. The New York Film Academy Photoshoot

Read all about it again here. My first real styling job. The exciting distress of it all. It’s just one of those moments I can’t forget.

5. Study Tour: M&S Schmalberg

M&S Schmalberg is a small family owned business who creates handmade flowers made out of fabric. They have worked with Beyoncé, LeBron James and designers as big as Marc Jacobs. It was so neat to tour their selection of products and the factory.

6. Study Tour: Fifth Avenue Women

In this first picture is the probably the most expensive thing I’ve ever held in my hands. It is a necklace valued to be sold for $10,000.

The owner was one of the most gracious people I think any of us had come across. From holding pearls to gems, it was easily one of all of our favorite stops. I was able to learn a lot I never knew about the jewelry business.

7. Study Tour: Coterie Trade Show

At one of the biggest trade shows in the world, I was able to go through the experience of being an industry buyer. Over 1,000 apparel, footwear and accessory vendors attended the event at the Javits Center in NYC.

8. Classic Versace at The Fashion Institute of Technology

If you know me, you know 90s Versace is my favorite era.

Getting to see the real deal up close? What more could I ask for?

9. The Return to Ohio

I came back to Ohio in the middle of May, and it was such an odd adjustment time period. There were many themes I tried, including one this picture is from, that never made it onto here due to my indecisiveness. Eventually I found some sort of a groove again, thus every post since NYC. We love a comeback.

10. The Leather Jumpsuit

The story behind the leather jumpsuit is a memorable one. I absolutely loved the outfit I was supposed to wear, but it was just never delivered. I searched, called and emailed for DAYS trying to figure it out. I never did. It was an entire ordeal.

At the very last minute I remembered I had this jumpsuit I had never worn. My sister got it for me as a birthday gift the year before. It saved the day, and I was able to pull something off. Included are some dainty gold accessories and a black MK clutch.

11. Resale 3466

The person behind this business undoubtedly impacted my year, so I can’t miss the opportunity to talk about this fashion entrepreneur I know.

Tim Pinter III started Resale 3466 with just $100. Now, he has accumulated enough inventory to open a store.

He sells on Facebook Marketplace, you can find his listings on Snap and you can search @resale3466 on Instagram. You can also shop from depop.com/timmytheboy. It is the plug for Jordans, Nike, Champion apparel and more.

12. Finding moments to be girly

After a year where loungewear dominated our industry, I did find a few moments to dress up. I’m excited to see what fashion moments are in store for 2021 when we’re not stuck in the house.

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