How to Wear a Short Skirt In Winter

Welcome back, friends. This post is for when you’re going out, and it’s cold outside. But, you don’t want to let the cold stop you from showing a little leg. As someone who also gets cold very easily, here is my advice on how to wear a short shirt in winter:

1. Select a comfortable skirt. For my outfit example, I selected a simple white one. Find other great examples linked below.

Skirt 1

Skirt 2

Skirt 3

2. Pick your coziest sweater. From my closet, I picked a fuzzy Bershka turtleneck. This step is the key. You need to very much offset the coldness down below with something very warm on top.

3. Pair together your skirt and sweater.

4. The last step would be to add your choice of boot.

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