Styling a Tennis Skirt

Today I find myself reminiscing about the times I was remote for school and had to blog for Fashion Publishing in the one-bedroom apartment that I miss dearly. One of my blog drafts from April was this post where I bought this skirt and styled it my way.

The original review I wrote up was about how the clothing worn for socially distanced sports have significantly impacted activewear, and they are on-trend for the spring/summer ’21 season.

I admit that I’m the kind of person who will wear something if it’s cute and it makes me look active even if I’ve never played tennis a day in my life. See my two outfits below!

Polo + Tennis Skirt Combo

I love how the white detail on the polo goes with the skirt. The outfit is giving a very fun uniform vibe.

Hoodie + Tennis Skirt

This combination was so comfortable. The polo, skirt, and hoodie could all be worn together on a day out. Pull out the hoodie when the day starts to get a little cooler.

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