Oversized Athleisure Outfit Inspo

In my last post, I wrote about tighter-fitting athleisure which included a crop top and biker shorts. For this post, I’m writing about an oversized styling take on athleisure. I actually kind of like the oversized athleisure more because it’s so airy and breathable.

For an oversized athleisure outfit:

1. Pick a shirt that’s way too big for you. My shirt here is an XL thrifted find.

2. Pick some comfortable shorts. I chose cotton shorts. These actually used to be old sweat pants I cut and sewed the ends to make them look clean.

3. Pick a pair of comfortable shoes. For this outfit, I chose New Balances- the ultimate comfort shoe.

Lastly, I just love how the blue “Wilson” matches the blue of the shorts.

See more details of my outfit below.

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