“Bringing Back Suits” Fashion Show

This past weekend I got to style my first fashion show. “Bringing Back Suits” was the concept I created for the show. After seeing the YWCA Career & Fashion Boutique at the beginning of summer, I immediately had a clear vision of what direction I wanted to go in.

I’m grateful to have gotten an education that has trained me to understand that styling is not just picking out cute outfits! It’s about understanding visuals, how to dress different body types, trends, and the evolution of fashion history.

With my outfit for that day, I wanted to stick to the theme and incorporate elements of a classic Chanel suit.

There are several reasons I love this outfit:

1. It feels classic yet modern, which was the point of the show

2. Since blue is my favorite color, I feel like this outfit incorporates my personality

3. I surprised even myself by wearing these heels (Christian Siriano), but I’m obsessed with how great they pulled everything together -bringing out the black accents in the tweed jacket

Ideally, my last touch would have been to add a big black hat and drench myself in pearls. I’ll have to work on building my collection.

Find some of my inspo brought to life in the live shots from the show below!

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