Simplistic Fashion with Beserat Tafesse

As I start to write this, I’m listening to Kings Kaleidoscope “The Rush” parts one, two, and three. Beserat was 100% correct. It is a journey.

What I have always been in love with about the band Kings Kaleidoscope’s music is the emotion it never fails to make me feel. The spirit flows through every instrument, every piece of the song, and it always moves me to tears. Lines like “Jumping from Jaded Heights/I see a rainbow” are simply beautiful. The band has mastered whimsical, spiritual soul.

Many of my journeys include my ever-evolving perspectives on fashion. So many of my thoughts are immersed in analyzing fashion and trying to understand beauty standards. Not too long ago, I had a conversation with Kings Kaleidoscope member and trombonist Beserat Tafesse about his take on personal style.

I find his words relatable right now at a time where I need to stop overthinking as much and remember one of the most beautiful parts about fashion- it can be so simple.

Whether in Seattle, NYC, or anywhere in-between, one aspect about Beserat’s style doesn’t change. The key word is casual. While the word casual sums up his personal style, he describes the overall look of the band as “eclectic.”

“It’s cool cause just like our personalities, we’re all so different, but it works together really well.”

Around three pairs of shoes are enough to satisfy this musician, and he believes the best accessory is no accessory. His simplistic fashion comes along with influence from jazz musicians such as Miles Davis and Christian Scott. Some of his other musical influences include Earth Wind & Fire, D’Angelo, and J.J. Johnson. Beserat believes his personal style does indeed reflect his music.

“I’ve been lucky to be in a bunch of bands/genres, and I feel like my style reflects that too. It’s pretty inconsistent and honestly is different day-to-day.”

He feels the situations he dresses the best in is anytime he can be semi-formal. His go-to attire often includes button-downs and jeans. When asked to name a fashion fad he’s glad is over is, his response was:

“The whole late 2000’s thing where everything was baggy. No one should make walking difficult on purpose.”

I had to giggle. Beserat also offered one piece of fashion advice.

“Being comfortable in your own skin is just as important as being comfortable in your clothing. You figure the first part out, and everything you wear will look good.”

This is such great universal advice that even I can relate to. Thank you Beserat for this word.

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