My Saturday Night Look

My aesthetic over the weekend was a blast from the past that I didn’t even realize still influenced my style so much until my sister pointed it out: “80s/90s Janet Jackson video.“

Watch “Alright” by Janet Jackson

Steps behind this outfit:

1. Pick a statement piece. I love blazers right now, I really do (Thrifted for $5)

2. A basic top to play off of the plaid (Marshall’s for $7)

3. Basic dress pants to play off of the plaid (Target for $20)

4. Further accent the gold details with gold accessories (Done with gold earrings and a black & gold belt I’ve had forever)

5. Platform Air Force 1s. These were my number one choice over any dress shoe. They add a comfortable, street flair, while still giving that lift. (Nike for $100)

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