3 Quick Tips for your Holiday Wardrobe

December is quickly approaching, and you may be looking for some outfit inspo. Read this article to find three pieces of my fashion advice for this time of the year.

1. Have a party dress

If you attend a lot of holiday parties, have a dress in your closet you can rely on. If not for a holiday event, you never know when you might find a reason to dress up. Maybe you’ll need this dress for an evening dinner date. The dress I chose from my closet is form-fitting and flattering to the body oddly reminding me of an icicle. This dress has some sharp lines and a cutout that helps make a statement while in contrast, it is a soft color that makes me think of snow.

2. Wear your favorite holiday Tee’s

Now is the time to not only make your favorite Christmas movies a part of your personality, but also a part of your wardrobe. This is a perfect chance to make a comfortable everyday outfit. I added a beanie, puffer jacket, and sweats.

3. Build your outfit around a holiday color

To me, it seems a little overrated to let the typical red or green dominate your outfit during the holidays. I like the idea of building a neutral base that dominates the outfit around a holiday color. From my wardrobe, I selected a black suit and grey New Balances with a red crop top.

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