A Quick Guide to T-Shirts

A piece of fashion advice: You don’t have to wear fancy outfits all the time to be considered stylish. You can take a simple item and make it look cool. It’s all about the way you wear it.

T-shirts- we all have them. Don’t just let your t-shirts collect dust. Style and revive them. Read my quick guide to find three ways you can spice up the way you wear your favorite tees.

1. Dress it up

Add a tee you love with an outfit you already love. This combination might not be one you’re used to wearing together, but that’s the best part. This is the time to add some fun to your outfit.

2. Embroidery

Wearing embroidered shirts is a great way to add interesting detail to your overall outfit. They’re also a great alternative if you’re fed up with wearing the typical printed tees.

3. Make your comfiest outfit

Go for all-out stylish comfort. I went for this by pairing a tee with a tracksuit and bomber jacket. Layering around the shirt adds a sort of depth I love.

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