3 Ways to Style Your Favorite Dress Shirt

This week, I’m here to give you three ways you can spice up how you wear your favorite dress shirt.

1. Boyfriend style

Try wearing a slightly oversized button-down with a worn pair of jeans for effortless style.

2. Get matchy

You don’t need to go to buy a new matching outfit. Try making your own with some of your old clothes. First, I took this button-down I thrifted three or four years ago. Then, I cut a pair of two-year-old pants I had never worn and turned them into shorts. Somehow the items went together perfectly. Experiment with the shirt buttoned, unbuttoned, tucked, and untucked.

3. With a Tennis Skirt

This style is very 90s, which I love. Have fun and add some sass by trying different top combinations.

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