How To Dress Up Sneakers

How To Dress Up Sneakers

I’m a firm believer that you can make a dressy outfit with sneakers work. I love sneakers over a heel when you don’t want to make that loud of a statement, and you would rather appear more laid-back or reserved.

For my “dressy” outfit, I chose a button-down shirt and a mini skirt. These other elements of your outfit should indeed overshadow, or be more interesting, than the sneakers. I did this with a button-down that has pearl-ish buttons and beautiful sheer sleeves. The mini skirt has monochromatic shades of blue and floral stitch details all over. Lastly, add your sneakers to pull everything together.

The shoes can’t be the outfit. They have to make the outfit. In other words, don’t make them the focal point. Instead, they need to be the additional accent that completes the outfit.

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