3 Steps to Spicing Up a Plain Outfit

3 Steps to Spicing Up a Plain Outfit

You need a go-to item that you can easily slip on and be on your way while looking put together. That’s why I keep at least one comfortable dress on my clothing rack. I have three simple steps on how you can spice up a plain outfit like this.

1. The dress

In my mind, I simply call this “the comfort dress.” Your favorite comfort dress is like that blanket you always have to sleep with or that stuffed animal you just can’t bring yourself to let go of. This dress is simple, neutral, and is the base of what you’re going to build your oufit around.

Mine is Calvin Klein for $70.

2. Shoe Time

The shoes are important in deciding what direction your look for the day is going to go in. Find some of my closet favorites below.

Cowboy boots
Zara Sandals
Combat boots
Christian Siriano mules

3. Add a top

Add the finishing touch to complete your outfit. It can be a blouse, jacket, or anything in between.

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