How to Wear Your Everyday Small Purses

Medium-large purses are great to carry because you can stuff so much inside. With a new season, maybe you want to shed some of your extra baggage and switch out your everyday bag with a smaller one.

Small purses can be the best accessory. It can hold your necessities, and it can be the perfect finishing touch to your aesthetic for the day. Two of my examples of how to easily style a smaller purse this spring are included below. One look is more neutral while the other pops with color.

Coach Crossbody Purse

This basic white tank top + skater jeans + Coach Crossbody Purse combination is stylish, yet minimalist. There are so many shoe options to add to this casual-day-out outfit. Although this outfit isn’t as loud, overall, the purse is still able to speak for itself. With a crossbody purse, play around with wearing it over the shoulder or across the body. A neutral and effortless look is always a win to me.

Kate Spade Lemon Basket Purse

This Zara Tank Top + Skater Jeans + Lemon Basket Purse is the perfect combination of trendy, yet eclectic. If you’re going to wear bright color, fully commit to it. With my example, instead of picking a yellow shirt that’s a different shade of yellow, I suggest picking a completely contrasting color of the same value. If I left my house for the day wearing this, I don’t think anyone would be wearing the same thing. I would say that’s a mission accomplished.

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