Styling My Crossbody Purses

Medium-large purses are great to carry because you can stuff so much inside. With a new season, maybe you want to shed some of your extra baggage and switch out your everyday bag with a crossbody.

Today I have two examples of how to easily style and interchange elements of your outfit to create different aesthetics while wearing your crossbody purses.

Coach Crossbody Purse

Outfit details:

  • Basic white tank top
  • Skater jeans
  • Coach Crossbody Purse

This combination is stylish, yet minimalist and neutral. There are so many shoe options to add to this casual-day-out outfit. Although this outfit isn’t as loud, overall, the purse is still able to speak for itself. With a crossbody purse, play around with wearing it over the shoulder or across the body. A neutral and effortless look is always a win to me.

Kate Spade Lemon Basket Purse

Outfit details:

  • Zara Tank Top
  • Skater Jeans
  • Lemon Basket Purse

This outfit is the perfect combination of trendy, yet eclectic. If you’re going to wear bright color, fully commit to it. With my example, instead of picking a yellow shirt that’s a different shade of yellow, I suggest picking a completely contrasting color of the same value. If I left my house for the day wearing this, I don’t think anyone would be wearing the same thing. I would say that’s a mission accomplished.

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