3 Ways to Wear Your Sweater Vest In Spring/Summer

This week of warm weather inspired me to break out an item in my closet that felt just as sunny: my yellow Zara sweater vest.

My fashion advice on selecting your go-to sweater vests to wear in warmer weather is to pick one that’s not made of the typical sweater material. My Zara vest is delicately thin and light. Find the three ways I styled my sweater vest below.

1. Layer on top

I don’t think a white button-down and a tennis skirt can fail me. Why not add add a vest to finish it off?

2. With your lightest pants

Match the delicacy of your vest with a pair of light and airy pants. The thinness of the pants helps keep you from getting hot, and you can stay comfortable and cool all day.

3. Layer Underneath

Let your vest stand alone paired with shorts during the day. At night when it gets a little breezier, add a coordinating jacket.

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