Day to Night Outfit Transformation for Summer

If I had to give three pieces of fashion advice when it comes to picking out your outfits for the day, it would include the following:

  • Your days are always more enjoyable when it includes an outfit change.
  • Reflect your personal style.
  • Less can be more.

See all of these points in action with an easy daytime to nighttime outfit transformation in the rest of this post.


You’re leaving the house bright and early to start your errands. How do you decide what to wear? For me, the first thing on my mind is comfort. When the weather is mid 60s-70s, I’m likely to pick a crop top, sweats, and sneakers.

For awhile, I’m going to be building outfits around my Dunks. When you have a trendy statement shoe, 75% of the effort required to pick an outfit is already taken care of. The other pieces of your outfit just have to work with the shoes.


Let’s say you have plans for a night out. A short dress just works. The dress is even better when it’s versatile. One of my hacks is to find a dress with shoulder straps that tie together. Then, there are so many ways you can experiment and wear them.

Traditional, asymmetrical, off-the-shoulder, and halter style were just some of the ways I styled the dress. Each style may be fitting for different occasions. Your one dress just turned into four.

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