5 Perfect Outfits for a Lazy Sunday

Same site, new name.

All of my old blogs, and future ones, are now here under the newly named Kempress Closet. Just stay tuned because the rebrand will make sense. After a weekend of making site changes, I’m here with my first post as Kempress Closet: A guide to all things fashion.

Picture it- It’s a June Sunday in Ohio. What do you decide to wear? Your lazy Sunday might include going out for a quick breath of fresh air, or it might include a day full of streaming your favorite shows. Tap each gallery to revisit 5 blog moments and outfits that are great for days of relaxation.

Neutral & Stylish

I had to include my current favorite. Simple, neutral, and stylish just always feels good. Items: crop top, sweats, Nike Dunks

Trendy & Cozy

If you’re always cold like me, an option with sleeves is always necessary. Animal print is still a trendy option. Items: animal print long sleeve crop top, sweats, platform Air Forces

Oversized & Comfy

These items together feel like summer. It’s breezy and comfortable. What better time for an effortlessly cute outfit than a lazy Sunday? Items: oversized vintage tee, cotton shorts, New balances

Girly Athleisure

This is one of my favorite outfits because it feels weightless. For the hottest days, this outfit is perfect. Feeling like I could go on a run at any second, even when I’m not, is very fun. (Or is it just me?) Items: Cropped tank, biker shorts, platform Air Forces


The soccer player within me might not be able to completely get rid of this style of athletic shorts. Flip it and make it fashion with coordination and accessories. Items: basic tee, athletic shorts, bucket hat, Nike Air Maxes

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