A Quick Guide to Mini Skirts

A Quick Guide to Mini Skirts

Follow my quick guide to mini skirts to find a fun way to build your skirt collection this summer. Here are three easy steps:

1. Pick a silhouette that can be your signature.

  • Maybe you like a snug and form-fitting skirt. Maybe you like a flowy skirt that falls on the body. Maybe you like volume and fullness. There are so many choices.
  • When you find what feels comfortable for you, you can start filling your closet with skirts you know will make you feel good.

2. Find a pattern you love.

  • Sometimes wearing a pattern can feel risky. But the great thing about wearing prints is they can add interest.
  • Floral print, stripes, plaid, or geometric shapes are just the beginning of print possibilities.

3. Play with color.

  • Like with silhouette, once you find a print you like wearing, you can add variation with color choice.

See how I follow my quick guide in the rest of this post with three looks that use this same formula but create different vibes.

“Picnic perfect” & retro

Muted & Simple

Plaid pop of color

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