5 Necessities For Your Weekend Trip

When you love clothes as much as I do, it can be tough to pack light and efficiently even if it’s for a short getaway.

Here are five items you should for sure pack in your bag if nothing else when you’re packing for a summer weekend trip.

1. A Going Out Dress

Wear the dress- don’t let the dress wear you. Don’t aim for a revealing statement, but rather a dress that compliments you and flatters your body type.

2. A pair of heels

Choose a height you’re comfortable in. You want to be on your A-game when you’re walking from one location to the next.

3. Sunglasses

Have at least one pair of sunglasses. I love a rectangle frame.

4. A pair of neutral shoes

White sneakers are my go-to. You should have something comfortable for actual travel and casual downtime.

5. Swimsuit

If you know you’re going to be spending time by the water, make sure you pack a swimsuit. Even if you’re more of a layout on the beach kind of person, dressing the part is still so much fun.

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