Styling My New Dunks

Today I have some outfit inspo for those days when you want to just roll out of bed and put together an outfit in five minutes or less. Keep reading for my outfit details, including some of my favorite Christmas gifts.

  • Your favorite boyfriend tee
    • Literally, take one from your boyfriend’s closet. They’re always more comfortable.
  • Jeans
    • Mine are Urban Outfitters Baggy Skater Jeans. I like how light and airy these feel compared to some of my other jeans.
  • Sneakers
    • I got these blue Nike Dunks for Christmas. Honestly, I built the whole outfit around these shoes.
  • A coordinating purse
    • I pulled out a blue and black Coach bag from my collection.
  • Accessories:
    • My accessories include Kate Spade bow earrings with a matching necklace, a Cross necklace, and gold rings.
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