3 Winter Outfit Ideas

For me, snowstorms call for winter outfit brainstorming.

A few days ago, I got a new black peacoat that inspired me to do some outfit-building.

A peacoat is a closet staple, but you shouldn’t feel limited in how many ways you can wear them. There are still so many kinds of outfits you can make with a long coat.

For this post, I put together three outfits: one with a dress, one with a skirt, and one with pants. Build these outfits with me now.

Simple black peacoat

With such a thick and insulated coat, you can layer less. Experiment with pattern mixing to add some excitement under your simple coat.

  • peacoat (Macy’s)
  • striped turtle neck (thrifted)
  • plaid mini skirt (thrifted)
  • cowgirl boots (Steve Madden)
  • purse (Coach)

50s vintage

The base of this outfit is inspired by my “old money” Pinterest boards. At the same time, it incorporates modern elements with a messenger bag and sneakers.

  • peacoat (vintage)
  • sweater (marshall’s)
  • dress pants (Target)
  • sneakers (New Balance)
  • purse (Dior)

classic brown peacoat

This outfit has shades of brown/beige while adding some visual texture to make the outfit a little more interesting. Lastly, go with a simple bag that can’t turn you wrong.

  • peacoat (thrifted)
  • dress (thrifted)
  • mules (Gucci)
  • purse (Michael Kors)
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