A Quick Guide to Jeans

Right now, I’m pretty satisfied with my collection of jeans. Today I got inspired to put together my quick guide on the subject.

Following some tips for when you’re deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, walk with me through the six pairs of jeans I have in my closet.

3 tips when picking jeans

1. Find your favorite/most reliable place to shop for jeans

  • I buy all of my jeans from Urban Outfitters. Sometimes you can get lucky while shopping there and find a great pair like the premium Levi’s I have.

2. Know what styles you like

  • Don’t just go for anything. While some people still rock skinny jeans super well, they’re not for me. A straighter, looser fit is my preference.

3. Know your body type

  • I have long legs, so finding a pair of jeans that are long enough is a top priority for me. I stay away from cropped jeans.

My jean closet

Mom Jeans

These are the slimmest I’m willing to go on a pair of jeans. But since I can bend down all the way without constraint, I love them. The loose fit in the thigh area rather than hugging the hips is key.

Patched Jeans

This is my most expensive pair of jeans. I’m the type of person who is willing to pay $50-$80 for jeans. With this pair, you can really feel how well-made and durable they are.

High Rise Baggy Jeans

After two years, this is still my all-time favorite pair of jeans. The fit is absolutely perfect. The color is perfect. At my best, they make me feel like Cindy Crawford strolling through the city in the 90s.

Straight Leg White Jeans

These jeans also have my ideal/perfect fit. The length is just right. Having a white pair of jeans adds the little bit of variety I need to my closet.

Skater Jeans

This is the first pair of Urban Outfitters jeans I ever purchased when I was living in New York City, so they are a little sentimental to me. These are so fun and so 90s. When I wear them, I do feel like my uncle or like I should be in the show Rocket Power.

Skater Baggy Jeans

These are probably the most comfortable pair of jeans I own. While they are still oversized like the skater jeans above, they are so much airier.

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