My Perfect Spring Purse

Yesterday we had a 65-degree day in February here in Ohio. With the little taste of spring weather, I’m starting to think about what my spring wardrobe will look like. Not to mention, I did find my perfect Spring purse this week on Valentine’s Day.

Steve Madden Bwebber Bag, $78

3 tips to consider when picking your Spring bag:

1. Size

I love a smaller bag for every day. Lightweight, cute, and not weighing my shoulder down is my preference.

2. Color

My taste is geared toward neutral tones. If you’re like me, having some purses with a little bit of color but a neutral element still is a great way to still feel like yourself while accessorizing for the season.

3. The Occasion

If you find an opportunity to be festive, take it. If you’re going on a trip somewhere warm and sunny, a basket-style bag is such a fun option.

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