5 Times I Defined My Personal Style in 2022

Over the past year, I’ve talked about how I want to become a minimalist. If you actually know me, you’d probably laugh at that statement. If you were to say that I have a lot of clothes, you wouldn’t be wrong.

When I say minimalist, I’m more so referencing my ideal wardrobe that’s filled with closet staples I love and less fluff I don’t love (or need). It makes me happy that this year I’ve worked on my personal style: simple, classic, and preppy.

My five favorite outfits from this year live out my 90s Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Versace fantasy.

Mini Slip Dress

A simple, silky dress topped off with matching Chanel mules and a Michael Kors clutch is a winning party outfit.

Blazer & White Jeans

A white and cream blazer over a white crop top and white jeans is a “less is more” outfit that I absolutely love.

Leather Dress

A form-fitting dress paired with vintage Dior is a perfect outfit for a romantic dinner date.

Blazer & Blue Jeans

This outfit is so me because of the thrifted-street-chic mixed 90s style.

Plaid Skirt & Sweater

The way I’m always inspired by clothes that could be from the movie Clueless is apparent here. The cowgirl boots are my added personal style touch.

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