5 Times Thrifting Saved My Outfit

Everything doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive. So many items in my closet are thrifted. Today let’s revisit five blog moments that featured thrifted pieces.

Wool coat & boots

This Depop/Goodwill combo helped kick off my love for these two items.

Blazer Dress

This jacket was such a winning find for $1. I can wear it as a jacket or as a mini/micro dress.

Varsity Jacket & Trousers

There are so many ways to style this jacket, whether with dress pants, sweatpants, or jeans. Most recently, I styled it with my Levi’s here.

Suit & Tee

Both the suit and this t-shirt were thrifted with inspiration from Clueless in mind. I tailored this skirt myself for a mini length.

Windbreaker with sneakers

Thrifting everyday casual items you can wear to run errands or be active is a great opportunity to save some money.

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